Our Story

With over 35 years experience in the ware washing/ industrial kitchen industry, we noticed a lack of accessibility to information and training. 

With much research and a team of hardworking people willing to train, Chemical Xchange was born. Join our team and become an expert with Chemical Xchange.

Who we are

Chemical Xchange is a collaborative group who have combined their knowledge and experience to set up an informative training program.  Our program will focus on training you in all aspects of your industry, such as ware washing, laundry, & hospitality. We go into detail on operational procedures, efficiency, products, mechanical action and operational safety. If you are an industry sales rep, service rep, or need to make sure your operation is well educated and running smoothly, Chemical Xchange can help you Become an Expert. We have great products, training and information all in one place!  

Why Chemical Xchange?

From the sales representative to the employee and end user in the kitchen, simply direct any question to Chemical Xchange. The interaction and open communication is just one area that Chemical Xchange excels in. We will help you achieve the perfect results with proper training.

Simply refer to the website for any answer or contact us via phone or email.