Should your restaurant cleaning products have a scent?

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Hello My Fellow Sniffers,

No need to make a BIG stink.... Answer is NO! Why?

I’m sure you know that we all have five senses: Taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight. Even though the senses of taste and smell are separate, they are so close to one another that they are intertwined. Taste and smell work together to help you fully experience food.

If an employee cleaning the floor or counters with a strong scented product. It will ruin the taste of the food! I have experienced this and I'm sure you have too.

At the Chemical Xchange our products have a light to no scent. The truce definition of clean is, absent of odors and dirt.

Create your Chemical Xchange account. Order the industries best cleaning products. You'll have customers coming back to smell your delicious food.

Until next time
CX blogger out!

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