Mopping leaving your floors slippery?

I was on my way out of town to go visit a customer and on my long drive I got hungry! I pulled into a diner and I toe lopped my way to the counter. I didn't know this was a skating rink? Once I was at the counter, I looked for the culprit. I found him across the restaurant mopping the floor, but the floor wasn't wet. What could be the cause?

Two things that can leave the floor slippery. Number one: rinsing the floor with warm, clean water will leave cleaning residue on the floor. This will cause the residue to remove the soils off the bottom of customers shoes causing the floors to be slippery. Number two: using a dirty mop to clean the floors. Using a dirty mop to clean dirty floors will cause the grease built up to re-release onto the floor. This will leave the floors extremely slippery. A solution for this will be to replace mops often, but also, use a dual chamber mop bucket separating the soiled water from clean water.

I hope this information has been helpful. Please make sure to pick up your floor cleaner from The Chemical Exchange.

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