Food Truck Essentials!

Hello My Food Truck Lover,

Do you love food trucks like I do? Or do you have dreams of riding around town selling that delicious fusion of a hamburger taco? It's a match made in heaven!

Today I'll be going over the TOP NINE essentials every food truck needs.

Oven mitts- Cotton towels as a oven mitt is not the answer.

Hot pads & handle holders- Please.. don't be using paper towels instead.

Cutting boards- San Jamar has some really good ones.

Cut Protection- Make sure you protect those hands with strong cut resistant gloves.

Safe food prep- Get yourself some quality food pans, pan lids, cold paddles, knife storage holder, glove dispenser.

Kitchen management- Slide check racks. floor mats, mod pans.

Counter Service- Napkin holder and fully stocked!

Sanitation tools- Those pot & pan, and sanitation pails is a must.

Chemicals- All of that equipment inside and outside of the food trucks needs to be cleaned and sanitized. With our full selection the Chemical Xchange will be able to assist you.

Please reach out and we'll be able to help!

Happy eating

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