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Throughout my many years of experience being a ware washing service tech, I always received calls from customers saying, "YOUR PRODUCT SUCKS! It's giving me bad results! My restaurant is busy!" and usually the calls came in on a Friday night at 9 p.m. 

I would quickly run into a telephone booth, change into my uniform, hit the sirens on my 2003 Chevy Express, put the pedal to the metal, and rush to save my customer.

Every good service tech knows that once you have arrived at your destination, the first thing to do is check how clean the water is in the dish machine. Nine out of ten times, the dish machine being dirty was the culprit.

Ware washing companies always had signs on their dish machines that said to change the water every 2 hours. However, it's not just about changing the water. It's also about checking the top and lower wash arm and making sure they are not clogged. It's also about checking the inside of the dish machine and making sure there's not food left inside the wash tank. 

You also need to make sure you are offering the best detergent in the market. With 30 years of perfecting our products, our dish machine detergent is the best.https://chemicalxchange.com/products/power-kleen-dish-machine-detergent

See, dish machine detergent attacks soil. So even though you change the water, if there is food left inside the wash tank and you fill the machine and the fresh detergent is introduced, it will concentrate on the soil, causing more product to be used and still ending in bad results.

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